Why Aaron Joseph Hall Writes?

The intersection of life, faith, parenting, and writing. A newsletter written by me, Aaron Joseph Hall.

Topics I’ll write about include but are not limited to:

  • Life experiences (lessons I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, etc…)

  • Parenting, because I’m a dad :)

  • Faith-filled content to encourage you in your walk with Jesus

  • Writing: I will talk about all things writing, blogging and publishing

This newsletter is essentially a melting pot of ideas that I hope you find interesting and enjoy reading, listening to, or watching (there will be video and audio content uploaded as well).

My name is Aaron Joseph Hall, and I’m glad you stumbled across my newsletter! This is the place I share my thoughts and experiences on life, faith, and writing. I started it to hopefully one day find readers who want to support my work as an independent writer. Much of the content here is free and anyone can read and comment.

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But the biggest thing about subscribing to my newsletter (free or paid) is it’s a way you can support my work here as an independent writer. Those of you who decide to I want you to know it means the world to me!

Seriously, it does.

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As an independent writer, this newsletter is a means to help me provide for my family. That’s one of the main reasons I offer a paid subscription.

I’ve had a passion for writing since I was in elementary school. I love reading, writing, and could spend countless hours at Barnes & Noble. My love for writing is one of the reasons why I started this newsletter. It functions both as a newsletter and a blog and allows me to connect directly with my readers. That’s a win!

I’m currently a full-time Student Pastor in Okeechobee, Florida where I live with my wife, Sarah, and our three boys. We also have two dogs named Arlo and Hazel.

As I said, I’ll do my best to deliver a newsletter that is worth your time and attention.

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